System 3.1

Best suitable for all types of restaurants which did not decide to purchase “McT 3.1 sys” for any reason

Main Characteristics

  • automated ordering solution which consist of original hardware and software solutions in order to deliver high level of service to guests and professional clients
  • it cuts labour expenses
  • it increases revenue
  • it “speaks”, as many as needed, number of languages
  • it increases level of satisfaction to your guests

System Parts and Devices

  • Wi-fi communication set: router, access point, switch
  • Local server PC
  • Kitchen and bar counter display monitors
  • Tablets: 4x number of tables
  • Tables: with inbuilt battery banks which provide more than 24 hours autonomy
  • Smartwatches: at least 4
  • Printers for tickets: 1 for bar and 1 for kitchen
  • Smartwatches 4 application programs

System 3.1


Higher Efficiency

Reduction in the number of waiters – guests place their orders by themselves. Cost of wages is reduced

Reduction in the cost of accommodation for seasonal waiters

Waiters do not have to be trained for taking orders; trained only for delivery and serving

Lower pay grade

Increase of Earnings

Due to digital ordering, the guests are served faster, their stay is shortened, therefore table turnover is maximised and the restaurant capacity increased with the same number of seats.

Unique “Express Order” allows guests to be served immediately, thus increasing average bill by one drink / ice cream This elevates the visibility to foreign guests. Implementation of additional income; games, booking etc.

Customer Staisfaction

8 chosen languages are included in the price (optional 20+)

McTabb contains a button for calling the waiter who is automatically notified trough smartwatch

Pictures and texts will provide all necessary details, including allergens, food and wine pairings etc.

The guest can check local service information, taxi numbers, public transport etc.

Better Kitchen Service

McTabb automatically forwards all orders to the kitchen and automates preparation of the food

Complete Control

If necessary, McTabb enables complete control over the calls to the waiters, food orderings in the kitchen and at the bar, periods of time necessary for those activities etc.


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