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Save money, increase earnings, enhance the service, customer satisfaction and kitchen service, have a complete control

The project was co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.
Total project value
112.500,00 kn
Grant amount
63.000,00 kn
Project implementation period 
23 October 2018 - 7 March 2019
Project description
1Klik Ltd will foster its innovation and strengthen the market position and visibility of its products. By investing in a new online site, the Applicant expects 20 % sales growth by 2020, 30 % increase of export revenue by 2020, and consequently the increase in the number of employees for at least three new employees. 



Bigger turnover per table

Less waiters needed

Enjoyable ordering system for customers

High return on investment

Possible reward and recognition system for employees

Quick and enjoyable ordering system

Customer can read the menu and order in his language

Possibility to find more information about the menu items

Customer can repeat the order quickly and without waiting

Reduces your step count by 40%

Better kitchen work organisation

Greater guest satisfaction leads to higher value in tips

No waiters’ mistakes when delivering orders

Greater profitability ensures long-term employment


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Quicker guests turnaround, bigger turnover per table

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